About UsThis is an emergency

Climate Emergency Advocates educates, activates, and empowers young people to demand and accelerate policies that meet the scale and urgency of the climate emergency. We mobilize millions of young people to support climate and clean energy leadership and to advance the deployment of renewable energy across the country. 

We hold elected leaders accountable and demand immediate climate action.

Mission & Values

Climate Emergency Advocates mobilizes millions of young people to support climate and clean energy leadership and to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy across the country. We give young people a voice in policies that affect their future.


We believe in justice and equity. Communities most impacted by racial injustice and social inequity are also those most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. We place special focus on lifting up these voices within the global climate movement.

We believe in telling the whole truth, because young people have the right to understand the science of the climate emergency and how it is inextricably linked to the economic, social, and leadership choices we make.

We believe in the creativity and power of young people to lead the way in imagining a better future — a future safe from climate chaos, free from environmental injustice, rich in biodiversity and prosperous for all.

We believe in the courage of young people to stand up against misinformation, falsehoods and climate injustice wherever they occur.

Our Board

Brian Beitner

Board Chair

Brian Beitner had a lengthy career investing, with ESG criteria, on behalf of Endowments, Foundations and Retirement Plans. In 2009 he founded Chautauqua Capital Management. He has also served on numerous environmental and conservation boards.

Hakim Evans

Board Member

Hakim Evans resides in Queens, NY and has played an integral role at ACE as an Action Fellow and Youth Fundraising Advisory Board member since 2016.

Maggie Fox


Maggie Fox is a veteran of numerous local, state, national and international environmental, political, legal and policy campaigns.

Aryaana Khan

Board Member

Aryaana Khan is an environmental scientist, organizer, and poet working to address the climate crisis.

Pujitha Masireddy

Board Member

Puji Masireddy is from Southeastern Pennsylvania and has worked with ACE since 2019; she is currently a Youth Advisory Board member at ACE. She is a student at Wesleyan University studying economics and data analysis to work towards climate solutions.

Van Parish


Founder and Principal of the Parish Group, Van Parish has over thirty years of experience in electoral campaigns and public affairs.

Leah Qusba

President and CEO, Ex Officio Board Member

Leah Qusba is the President and CEO of Climate Emergency Advocates and the Executive Director of Action for the Climate Emergency.

Who We Are

Climate Emergency Advocates is an affiliate of Action for the Climate Emergency (ACE). ACE educates, inspires and supports young people to lead the fight for their future. ACE ensures youth have everything they need to understand the science and advocate for solutions to the climate emergency.

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Let’s go.

Are you ready to take action today? Urge your representative to pass the National Climate Emergency Act.