We areClimate Emergency Advocates


The climate emergency is here.

The world as we know it is running out of time and the window for small, incremental action has closed. We need an emergency-level response to avert climate catastrophe — and leaders with the courage and mandate to take bold action.

Climate Emergency Advocates mobilizes millions of young people to support climate and clean energy leadership and to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy across the country. 

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Data-Driven Impact



Reached in the past year with education on dirty energy projects in their communities and how to support climate leadership at the ballot box.


Illinois voters

Reached in support of the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act in Illinois that led to its successful passage in the Illinois legislature in August 2021.


youth of color

Of the 51,000 youth registered to vote by ACE in the 2020 election. CEA will expand that work in 2022 and beyond.



In Climate Emergency Advocates’s engaged and growing youth network, advocating for climate and clean energy leadership across all 50 states.

Mobilizing youth for equitable and transformative climate and clean energy leadership

Young people have the moral authority of a generation that will have to live with the choices our leaders make today. We seek to elevate the voices of young people to speak truth to power, holding elected leaders and corporations accountable for their role in the climate emergency.

Climate Emergency Advocates gives millions of young people a voice in policies that affect their future. 

Let’s go.

Are you ready to take action today? Urge your representative to pass the National Climate Emergency Act.